A busy day

As I usually do in the first week or so in a new location, I went and obtained a library card today. And little man got his first one ever. Very exciting, I assure you. We picked up a book for him (Marley and the Kittens) and I picked up a sequel I have been meaning to read all year (A Million Suns). We read the puppy book before nap but I am still squaring off against mine. Do I dare read ‘just a chapter’? We all know how that turns out…

Did I mention we walked to the library? 1.3 miles uphill both ways? Seriously though, some big hills in our new neighborhood. As I was pushing the stroller up a particularly insidious one, I thought to myself, “and why do I think I can do this Warrior Dash again? Whew. It was rough 😉

In other news: chalkboards have now been placed in our kitchen for the edification of small person and myself. I even tried to draw pictures so that little man can recognize and start understanding his daily ‘responsibilities’ and schedule. I’m no artist though, so don’t hate. Also, please pretend that more of those to dos are marked off. You know you want to.

Look at the pretty flowers! What massive list of things to do? Come on! Flowers!

So that is today’s bid at trying to quantify my daily success in this new/old career. Ah, and the writing is interrupted by the end of nap-time. At least I used it somewhat well (looking up LLL leadership requirements and Lactation Consultant pathways – my eyes are crossed now, but whatevs).

And as you can see by my list, I have plenty of tasks left to accomplish for today. I suppose I had best go work on that. But FYI (and because I can feel your disappointment that this post isn’t the promised AFW treatise)…I am still working on it. In fact, while my new husband looked (and listened) on with bemusement, I read about 47 pages of a delightful 2009 survey of Air Force families, which would appear to be the latest and greatest source of the demographic information I am looking for. Look, guys, it might be strange but this is how I roll. I am going to ‘do’ this military wife thing my way, so… don’t touch that dial!

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One thought on “A busy day

  1. Leah Burks says:

    On tenterhooks! 🙂 And quantification, ftw!

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