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Wherein our heroine makes a new start and anticipates many adventures

Blatherskite was a kitten I had as a teenager. He was named after a cat owned by Mark Twain. Although we only had a short time together and those memories are quite faded indeed, he was the most awesomely named cat I have ever owned (sorry, Emma). At any rate, so that you know, a couple of long lost but awesomely named cats inspired the blog title.

This is one of Mark Twain’s cats. Although not Blatherskite, he is black, in much the same way my Blatherskite was.
Photo by Mark Twain’s daughter, Jean Clemens
from the archives of the Mark Twain Papers, University of California, Berkeley.

I digress.

I am a newly minted Air Force wife (married September 1, 2012). I have a 3 1/2 year old son by my first marriage. More on our small ceremony (and sweet inclusion of said tot in the vows) in a later post. This post is about a slowly resolving quarter life identity crisis. This in itself isn’t really news worthy. Most of what I will write about won’t be, so if you are looking for hard news, move on.

My adult life began somewhat in the usual way. I was home schooled the last three years of high school until I decided to take my GED in my senior year. I attended college, where I did well. I married during my Junior year and then graduated as planned the next. The summer of my graduation happened to coincide with the beginnings of a certain economic downturn so we decided to stop the fruitless job search (history degree, speaking: would you like fries with that?) and have a baby. This course of events successfully underway, my ex husband became very ill, which precipitated a three year downward spiral full of hospitals, drama, single momming and other unsavory bits and bobs.

Fast forward to this year.

A finalized divorce, a whirlwind romance, a wedding.

And now I find myself back at home after a nearly two year stint as a single working mom. I also find myself the owner of a shiny new military dependent ID card; my first since the ID issued me as an army brat had to be relinquished upon my turning 21. I am also a wife again which manages to only terrify me about half of the time- battle scars, you know?

My guy? A 30 year old nearly confirmed bachelor. A servant hearted nice guy – you know the type? The ones who think they always finish last? Not so, old chap. We found each other after much prayer (this story and more, after the break!) and are as exited as can be about starting our journey to fulfill our God given roles as spouses and parents within this new family. A very exciting new chapter, if I can be so trite, for both of us!

And this blog.

A dream come true and so fast is exhilarating and amazing but does tend to leave one’s head spinning. Working to staying at home. Making ends meet at ‘just a job’ to the opportunity to raise my son and pursue true interests (doula, lactation consultant, sewist, blogger). Struggling to raise a strong willed toddler on my own, to having a family unit and a strong co-parent (not to mention the siblings I have always wanted for the little guy, if we are so blessed).

I created this blog in the hope that during this delightful/disarming time of transition, writing will help center me and organize my thoughts. And if anyone else should be mildly amused or occasionally gifted with an interesting insight, well, that would be a bonus.

Up next…an illuminating treatise on the identity of a military wife. Stay tuned 😉

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