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What to do with an onion that has sprouted

What does one do when you have a sprouted onion? Well first I asked my new husband if he was keeping it like that in the fridge for a particular reason? A science experiment perhaps? Having ascertained this was not the case I instantly formed a plan to incorporate it into a lesson for little man (meaning I forgot all about it for over a week, until today). I googled madly and decided to plant it and see what we get scallion-wise. I peeled the outer layers off and dug a hole in a pre-existing empty planter outside the front door. Then kiddo planted and watered it, as seen below.


Then we talked about what things plants need to grow big and strong. Full of the fun and learning, no?

And on the newlywed front: we are settling quite nicely into domesticity. Family walks, church, collaboration on discipline…it is all going rather smashingly, I think. From time to time the suddenness and magnitude of the change hits me, as is to be expected IMHO. In contemplation of these changes I look at the help and time I now have to guide little guy. I look at the easygoing, gentle, goofball man I was blessed with as a friend and partner and just marvel. What a blessed woman I am.
The wedding/job/moving stress are off, but we still are in quite a state of flux, which you (now) know makes me a nervous wreck normally. We may or may not move again and will there be continuing education and new job paths ahead? Will we be blessed by the growth of our family? Will we all continue to adjust to our new roles? Parent/military wife/spouses/stepson/SAHM? Even in the midst of these uncertainties I am unusually calm. DH is taking his role as spiritual leader seriously and is keeping us immersed in prayer. We are staying active. And I have a partner in crime – someone to stand back to back with through the trials. Life is full of the awesome-sauce. And that, my friends, is all for today.

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